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Escape Hour is an interactive, real-life group gaming experience for people of all ages and skill sets. In our escape rooms, 2 to 6 players are given a series of riddles, puzzles, and clues in order to find a way out of a locked room, usually within an hour.  Your thinking and problem-solving skills will be put to the ultimate test! Are you up for the challenge?


Fun and adventure awaits


Do you want to celebrate a birthday?  Do you want to do something different for your next office team building event? Do you want your youth group, school group, or athletic team to learn to work together? Then a large group booking might be what you are looking for. Large group bookings start with reservations that need 2 or more rooms. They also qualify for special pricing and are available to book reservations outside of our normal business hours!  Contact us for more information and pricing.

Wabatucky Campground

While  setting up the outside of your campsite you misplaced the key to the cabin.  You need to find the key to get into the cabin before dark.  At dark, the grizzly bears will come out to invade your camp.   

You have exactly one hour before dark to find the key and get into the cabin. This room is perfect for beginners or families with kids, but also fun for the more experienced escape room guru.

Difficulty: 2/5

Adults $15    Students $15

Legend of Sasquatch

Opens 10/5/19 Book Now.

 A  local farmer in Wabash County claims to have seen Bigfoot.  Your curiosity soon gets the best of you. You get a group together and begin your search to find and prove the elusive Sasquatch is real.  You  use an old cabin in the woods as your research base and begin your search for evidence in the woods.  Can you find some hair for DNA testing? Can you find footprints?  Can you get the holy grail, a picture,  and escape the cabin to show your proof?

Difficulty: 3/5

Adults $20     Students $15

New Room Coming Soon!!

Check Back soon for the new room reveal!!

Team Talk
Birthday Cake


Our escape rooms are designed to put your group in situations where cooperation and leadership matter. Our puzzle sets require teamwork and analytical skills which are key to completing every Escape Hour Game. We have two uniquely themed escape rooms to choose from. All of our themes are family friendly and work appropriate. Give your employees a positive and memorable bonding experience.


Do you want to do something different for a birthday or another special event? Our escape rooms are the perfect thing for wedding parties, birthdays, wedding proposals and much more.  Why not try something new and fun that people will not only remember, but talk about for weeks!  We offer a new and exciting challenge that will make your party one to remember.


How is an escape room beneficial to a student?  It is an innovative way to bring technology and critical thinking skills, and the benefits are twofold: games have a history of promoting engagement in an environment outside the classroom, and the collaborative elements help students develop social skills and teamwork.  Athletic teams benefit by learning to cooperate and work together to reach a final goal.


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